In this collection of narratives, we highlight the process of embedding community-engaged pedagogy in our curricular and co-curricular projects and courses at KSU. The media used is inclusive, either video or written, but always documenting a specific project or course under the direction of a KSU faculty or staff member who utilizes community engaged-teaching. Each narrative describes the engaged-teaching endeavor and examines its critical features in relationship to the teaching goals of the course/program in which it is embedded. These process-from-scratch accounts and the models they offer may be adapted to fit other contexts, and those considering adopting engaged-teaching practices should find them useful. Each community-engaged teacher serves not only as narrator, but also as critic – providing an honest view into the successes and challenges of implementing community-engaged pedagogy. The narrator reflects on the reasons for these outcomes and how the project/course might change in the future. Our goal is to offer several narratives through this website, so that this qualitative collection may not only recognize the great work of community-engaged teachers at KSU but also serve as a resource for a broader academic community. If you would like to share your community engaged-teaching project/or course, please contact us

  • Uganda

    Abroad in Uganda

    Dr. Ardith Peters shares her experiences in connecting KSU students with the people of Uganda in community-engaged learning abroad.

  • Be The Change

    First-Year Seminar “Be the Change”

    Lynn Boettler shares how community-engaged teaching is implemented in her first-year course.

  • Theatre Performance

    Theater Performance “Splittin’ the Raft”

    Splittin’ the Raft is a dramatic adaptation of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as interpreted by ex-slave and abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

  • Intercultural

    Intercultural Models in Art Education

    Sandra Bird presents an overview of a decade long service learning project facilitated within her annual "Intercultural Curriculum Models" course.