Feed the Future

KSU Student Health Services, in conjunction with Staff Senate, run the Feed the Future Program. The Psych and Social Services Department has a small stock of food for students who may be struggling between paychecks/financial aid checks. KSU Student Health Services's Social Worker, Tao Mosley, is available to students to discuss social KSU Retirees Out and About Serving the Community by Ellen Jones

The Kennesaw State University Retirees Association (KSURA)

KSURA is a unique outreach designed to engage retired KSU faculty and staff. Created in 2009 under the Office of Development, the association began with the input of a focus group of KSU Retirees. “We looked at several models of retiree programming being done at universities large and small, public and private,” said Suzy Millwood, co-founder of KSURA. “Where others separate programming for staff retirees and faculty retirees, we really wanted to maintain the connection between retired faculty and staff because the KSU we worked in really felt like a family, and we all were one team.”

Through the KSURA, retirees volunteer at commencement, attend sporting events and concerts, tour new campus facilities, and make educational trips to museums. With a Retirees Association ID card, retirees can access the Employee Fitness Center and enjoy the discounts many local businesses give to the KSU family. Giving back to KSU is just as important to the KSURA Steering Committee as planning social or educational events. In January 2011, the committee created the KSU Retiree Legacy Scholarship, which provides financial assistance for undergraduate and graduate level students who are related to a KSU retiree. Today, over $24,000 in cash and pledges has been contributed to this scholarship. Five $1,000 scholarships have been awarded since fall semester 2011.

“This organization has really provided a great network to share old memories of the university and create new memories,” said Dr. Fred Roach, who serves as a faculty co-chair on the KSURA steering committee. “I am extremely proud of what we have built with the Legacy Scholarship.”

With 10,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day in America, the movement by colleges and universities to establish a formal outreach to retired faculty and staff is growing. AROHE (Association of Retiree Organizations in Higher Education) is a national organization formed in the last decade to help retirees and employees build and sustain programming. Here in Georgia, a state-wide coalition of retiree organizations is now crafting bylaws under the name GA- HERO, (Higher Education Retiree Organizations). The KSURA will be hosting the next meeting of these 16 colleges and universities in April. programs and prescription assistance that may be available to them.