“To create a truly engaged university, we know that we need to be in regular communication not only with our faculty, staff and students, but also with citizens in our neighboring communities. We need to explain how what we do as scholars impacts the lives of our constituents and friends. (Going forward) we at Kennesaw State University will [continue to] be a university fully committed to engagement, engagement with our local community, with our state, with our nation, and with our world. We will become nationally-recognized, and we will be known in the local community, in Georgia, in the nation, and in the world as Georgia’s Engaged University.”

-Daniel S. Papp,
President, Kennesaw State University

Welcome to the home of Engage KSU. The purpose of this initiative is to create an infrastructure that will foster community engagement efforts at Kennesaw State University and facilitate KSU’s identity as "Georgia's Engaged University" in the greater community.

Our mission is to promote collaboration between Kennesaw State University and its larger communities (local, regional/state, national, global) for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.

The Engage KSU model represents an institutional framework for recognizing, celebrating, and advancing community engagement efforts at the University. The way we’re defining engagement is not different from what members of the Kennesaw State community have always done — work hard to develop relationships with and improve their communities.

We have identified five key areas of engagement – Teaching, Scholarship, Service, Partnerships and Networks, and Structures and Resources – and invite you to read through each section.

We encourage you to contact individual team chairs if you or someone on your team is involved in a project that correlates with one of these specific areas of engagement.